Chemicals for printing houses

We are a distributor of ABC / ALLIED PRESSROOM PRODUCTS EUROPE SP. Z O.O., a chemicals
manufacturer for offset and flexographic printing houses

ABC ALLIED is an American company with a production department in Poland that produces
high quality chemicals for both offset and flexographic printing houses.
The company has factories in the United States and Poland. Products are sold all over
the world. ABC ALLIED products are safe for both the environment and the user.


  • Fountain solutions (also without IPA)
  • Printing powder
  • Ink and water rolls maintenance
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Comprehensive technical service and consultancy

Chemicals for cleaning and care of rollers for offset machines


  • Blast – Regenerator for rubber dressing
    and ink rollers
  • Relief – Calcium Remover – Descaler for
    ink rollers
  • Roller Lube – A paste to protect dry
    ink rollers


  • Dynakleen – It is a water miscible combination of a ink roller regenerator and a deep cleaning paste, changing colors.
  • Solvex – Paste for deep washing and changing colors
  • Crud – Paste for deep washing and color
  • Pull it Off – Gel for changing colors
  • MRC 88 – Regenerator and cleaner for dampening rubber rollers
    A+B SYSTEM CLEANER – A preparation for cleaning water systems in printing machines. A 5 liter set is enough to clean a 90-110 liter water system.
    CRD – Preparation for cleaning and anesthesia of chrome rollers


  • Turbo Clean (spray) – Special preparation for washing machine housings and pressure cylinders
  • Smash – a preparation for temporary regeneration of rubber surface during dressing
  • Turbo Dry – a ink dryer that prevents the ink from drying out in the ink bottle. Dosage 3-5%
  • Printing powder – organic powder, varnishing, lamination. For double-sided printing 15μ, 25μ,
    30μ Does not settle on rubbers

Roller recovering is our specialty, which is why we mainly focus on selling roller care

Flexographic printing houses

Daily cleaning agents for aniloxes, machine parts and photopolymer plates.

Solvent, UV and spirit inks

  • Flexowash V(diluted product called Xtra Flex HD) – 1 liter – a powerful cleaner for UV and solvent flexographic inks – can be used for manual washing as well as in heated pressure and ultrasonic cleaners

Water-based inks

  • XTRA FLEX WASH –a cleaner for washing anilox rolls, photopolymer plates and paint systems. the cleaner is delivered ready for use
  • XTRA FLX WASH S.C. (super concentrate) – a cleaner for washing anilox rolls, photopolymer plates and paint systems. the cleaner is supplied in concentrated form, for dilution with water
  • Total Clean – an innovative product available in the form of powder for self-preparation of the cleaner in the printing house.

The ready cleaner can be used for:

  • washing photopolymer plates
  • washing flexo, rotogravure anilox rollers and offset rollers applying water-based varnish (dispersion)
  • cleaning squeegee chambers, paint and varnish systems
  • automatic washers (safe for aluminum)