Recovering of rubber rollers and sleeves

We specialize in the recovering of rubber rollers and sleeves for various industries using rubber, silicone and polyurethane compounds. Recipients of our services are printing houses, paper mills, companies operating in packaging, wood and textile sectors. We provide services for larg enterprises with branches around the world as well as small companies from the local market.



Rubber rollers are ground on CNC grinders. The maximum dimensions of the rollers that we can grind are:

• Maximum diameter D 600 mm
• Maximum length L = 4900 mm (working lenght),

L = 5500 mm (total length of the roller with shafts)

Types of rubber mixtures used

We use proven rubber compounds from suppliers from Germany and England
EPDM, NBR, NR. XNBR, SBR, HYPALON and others available on special order.
Rubber hardness range: from 20 ShA to 98 ShA

Dynamic balancing of rollers

At the customer’s request we offer dynamic balancing of the rollers.

Silicone coatings

Coatings resistant to high temperature (up to 220 ° C), have anti-adhesive properties. We use silicone among others on pressure rollers in laminating machines, on Corona rollers or applying rollers.
Hardness range: 30-90 ShA

Properties of rubber coatings used

  • antistatic
  • conductive
  • insulating
  • with a certificate of approval for contact with food
  • high temperature resistant (silicone)
  • resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • hard to wear with increased mechanical properties

Polyurethane coatings

They are characterized by high mechanical resistance, mainly against pressure, abrasion and stretching.
Hardness range: 30-95 ShA

Cutting rubber rollers


  • peripheral
  • screw
  • diamonds
  • cutting adhesive rollers
  • spreader cuts
  • opti roller



types of rollers grinding geometry



laser rubber engraving

We engrave any patterns on rubber rollers / sleeves used in a film and tin packaging printing houses

Other industries

In addition, we recover rollers for other industries, including

  • glass
  • plastic materials
  • leather